Turn Your Roof into a Patio with Spiral Staircase Installation

During the summer months, you and your loved ones may want to enjoy warm evenings under the stars by spending time outdoors. Whether you have a smaller yard, or you simply want to increase your outdoor living space, spiral staircases can help you transform your roof into a functional patio. After you have built out your roof with a sturdy patio structure, a spiral staircase will allow you to easily and safely access your new outdoor living area. Along with providing you with access to your rooftop patio, an exterior spiral staircase will provide the exterior of your home with exceptional style.

At Whiting Iron The Great Company, our team specializes in spiral staircases near Chandler. From grand entry doors to gate railing installations, we offer a full range of products that you can use to enhance your home. Call us at (602) 466-7318 to get started on your outdoor spiral staircase design.

What Is an Exterior Facelift?

Curb appeal has a major impact on the value of your property. In this video, you will receive essential tips and information about performing an exterior facelift for your home. New entry doors, updated siding, and other exterior features can make it much easier to market your property to potential buyers.

If you are shopping for new entry doors in Chandler, be sure to tour the fantastic inventory that Whiting Iron The Great Gate Company has to offer you. From landscape design to grand entry doors, we offer products and services that will be very useful during your exterior home facelift. Call us at (602) 466-7318 to learn more about our current inventory of entry doors.

Answers to Your Questions About Great Gates

Great gates have been designed to provide your property with exceptional style, while lasting throughout the years and seasons. Whether you are shopping for a courtyard gate, or a secure gate to use at the entrance of your property, you are sure to find a great gate that meets all of your specifications. To help you get started on the gate design process, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about great gates.

Is my great gate built for outdoor use?

Most customers are shopping for gates to use at driveway entrances, courtyards, and in other outdoor spaces throughout their homes and properties. When you purchase a great gate, you can rest assured that your durable iron gate has been built to withstand all types of weather conditions. Your new gate is the perfect choice for your outdoor space.

Can I customize my great gate?

Since your gate may be one of the first features that a visitor notices about your home, you will want to make sure that it reflects your personal sense of style. The Great Gate Company offers many customizable features that will allow you to construct the gate of your dreams. From custom iron work features to beautiful finishes, there are many customizable features that are available for your gate.

What are some standard features that come with a great gate?

Great gates come with a series of standard features that have been engineered to provide the ultimate in durability, security, and style. Your gate will come with features such as privacy straps, adjustable barrel hinges, and durable powder coating

If you have additional questions about how great gates serving Chandler can improve your home, contact Whiting Iron The Great Gate Company by calling (602) 466-7318. Our company builds grand entry doors and RV gates that are crafted from premium materials, and we will be thrilled to help you design a custom gate for your property.

The Benefits of Choosing Iron for Your Custom Spiral Staircase

There are many benefits that come with an iron spiral staircase. Metal staircases are more durable and versatile compared to other materials used for staircases, such as wood. Read on for a better look at the great benefits you will experience with an iron spiral staircase.

  • Iron is an incredibly durable material that will last for decades as a stable fixture on your property. It can resist common damages—such as warps, dents, and breakages—that might occur to natural wood.
  • Iron is versatile and flexible, which gives you more control over the design of your spiral staircase. Your iron welder will work with you to design the best style that represents your family.
  • Iron does not require much maintenance compared to wood. It will not be affected by humidity or fluctuating temperatures. You will not need to seal or paint iron to keep it in good shape.

Whiting Iron The Great Gate Company is here to design a beautiful and durable spiral staircase for your Chandler, AZ and Phoenix home. We can also design and install security screen doors and landscape designs. We are available for more information at (602) 466-7318.

Consider These Design Trends for Your Upcoming Home Renovation

If your home is starting to feel outdated, now may be the time to consider a renovation project. From spiral staircases to metal design elements, there are many modern home features that you can use to transform an older property into a contemporary masterpiece. To help you gain inspiration for your upcoming remodel, here is a look at three design trends to consider for your upcoming home renovation.

Metal Accents

Metal is making a big comeback in today’s home interiors and exteriors. While stainless steel appliances have been all the rage for more than a decade, today’s interior designers are using metal accents in other spaces throughout the home. A metal kitchen countertop, for example, can provide your kitchen with a fresh and industrial feel. Matte metal finishes, such as durable powder coatings, are also very popular in today’s home designs.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Going green is a popular design choice for modern homeowners. During your renovation, you can ask your designer to source ecologically friendly materials that have been sourced from sustainable resources. Bamboo floors, recycled glass, and ceramic tile are examples of three eco-friendly materials that you can use in your home.

Spiral Staircases

If you want your renovation to impress your guests, consider adding a spiral staircase to your interior or exterior home design. A grand spiral staircase will create a central focal point for your entryway and will add a unique architectural element to any indoor space. You will also find that a spiral staircase makes it very convenient to access every floor throughout your home.

For additional information about spiral staircases near Chandler, be sure to contact the team at Whiting Iron The Great Gate Company. When you embark on your home remodel, we can provide you with grand entry doors, spiral staircases, and quality landscape design services. Give us a call at (602) 466-7318 to learn more about how we can create a custom spiral staircase for your property.

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