Tips for Designing an Eye-Catching Courtyard Gate

Designing great courtyard gates requires something different for each property, but there are certain elements that can be applied, no matter what your aesthetic or preferences. When you’re designing a new gate for your courtyard, keep these ideas in mind to get the perfect look for your space.

Incorporate Other Elements of Your Design

Your courtyard gate should blend in with other elements of your property, so that it looks like it fits in seamlessly rather than being a being an afterthought. If you have a decorative iron fence, you could repeat the pattern in the fence on your gate, or you could mirror colors used in other parts of your home’s exterior in your gate. By using elements that exist in other parts of your home or courtyard design, your gate will look more like a welcoming entryway and less like a barrier.

Make It an Art Piece

Your courtyard gate design doesn’t have to simply be functional. It can also act as a piece of art in your outdoor space. Use a delicate, ornate pattern as the foundation of your design, or use iron that has been sculpted to echo elements in nature, such as trees, birds, or flowers. The images you choose can set the stage for the theme of your courtyard design, be it whimsical or modern.

Combine Materials

You aren’t limited to a single material when creating a courtyard gate. Often, combining wood and iron can make your gate stand out even more. If you want to increase the privacy of your courtyard, use wood for the central part of your gate and surround it with decorative iron features. If privacy is not a concern, choose a wood frame for your gate with an ornate iron piece in the center.

Let the experts at Whiting Iron The Great Gate Company help you design the right courtyard gate in the metro Phoenix area for your home. We offer comprehensive service, from design to installation, and will walk you through the entire process. Find out more by calling (602) 466-7318.

What You Need to Know About Pool Safety Fences

If you own a pool, one of the most important types of fence and gate you will ever own is a pool safety fence. These barriers ensure that your pool doesn’t pose a safety risk to your children, the children in your neighborhood, or pets. For your fence to be effective, it must meet certain design standards. Here is what you need to know to make sure your fence does the job of preventing accidental drownings.

Pool fences should be at least four feet high.

Although the higher your fence is, the safer it is, you should make sure that your pool fence is at least four feet high. It should be high enough to be difficult for a child to climb over and enter the pool area unattended. When selecting the height of your fence, consider geographical features that could make climbing it easier, such as a slope in the ground or a nearby tree, and design your fence accordingly.

The fence should be designed to be difficult to climb.

Your pool fence should have horizontal bars, rather than vertical ones, so that climbing it is not possible. Make sure that there are no footholds or handholds in the fence design that could be used for leverage. Avoid including excess space between the horizontal bars that could allow a child to easily slip through. To test the spacing of the bars in your fence, make sure that a four-inch sphere cannot slip through. This size is based on the average head size of a young child. If the opening is larger, a child may be able to squeeze into your pool area.

Your fence gate should include an alarm.

The gate of your pool fence should meet the same height and spacing guidelines as the rest of your fence. The gate should self-lock when it closes so that it can’t inadvertently be left open. It should also be fitted with an alarm that sounds when it is opened. Any door that leads to the pool area should also have an alarm.

Let Whiting Iron The Great Gate Company help you build a pool fence in the metro Phoenix area that meets all of the necessary safety criteria. To start the design process today, call us at (602) 466-7318.

Choosing a Color for Your Spiral Staircase

When you think of a spiral staircase in your mind, it’s probably black. In reality, there are many, many options you can choose from when it comes to colors for your staircase. A plethora of options can be tough to choose from, so keep reading and pick up some tips on choosing a color for your spiral staircase.

Your iron spiral staircase will be created using computer-aided design, but this will be combined with hand-worked crafting as well. No matter what kind of architectural style you emphasize in your home or place of work, the right color for your spiral staircase can add to the look. Although neutrals like black, white, beige, and grey are all common choices for a spiral staircase, powder coating opens you up to a broad range of color options.

If you’re in the market for a spiral staircase near Chandler, AZ, be sure to call Whiting Iron the Great Gate Company at (602) 466-7318. You can count on us to provide you with security screen doors, pool gates, and automated estate gates. Visit our website to learn all about our great gates and spiral staircases.

How Wrought Iron Is Sandblasted and Powder Coated

All great gates are both beautiful and functional, and sandblasting and powder coating are both part of the process. These procedures are used to create the gorgeous gates that you proudly present on your property. Watch this video on how wrought iron is sandblasted and powder coated.

Sandblasting involves spraying fine sand particles at a given part. Coarser sand makes for a higher mill profile, and powder coating makes use of both heat and electricity. Start by spraying some enamel, then choose a color and amount of gloss. Then, rack the parts and apply the powder. After putting the parts into the oven, the coat should adhere to the railing.

Whiting Iron the Great Gate Company only offers great gates serving Chandler, AZ. Our gates can improve your backyard and pool design as well as improve your curb appeal. Call our offices at (602) 466-7318 or check out our website to learn more about us.

Get the Facts About Safe Gate Operation

Like a garage door, a great gate can increase your property value, improve your curb appeal, and make your home more functional. Also like a garage door, you should be careful when you use your gate and look to the professionals if you run into trouble. Read ahead and get the facts about safe gate operation.

Hazards to Look Out For

In order to use your estate gates safely and effectively, you need to know what types of hazards might stand in your way. In terms of automatic estate gates, you should look out for cutting, pulling, crushing, and trapping. These hazards are especially important to watch out for if you live with pets or small children. The last thing you want to see is your child or pet caught in your entrance gate, so make sure the path is all clear before opening or closing yours.

Preventative Safety Measures

Safety should never be left up to chance, and by recognizing the threats and planning in advance, you can keep yourself and your family safe, healthy, and happy. It helps to pair your great gate with a light or alarm that alerts people in the area that the gate is in the process of opening or closing. Safety beams will also reverse the gate’s operation if they detect something in the way of its path. Enact these measures to keep your gate as safe as it can be.

Professional Repair

Whenever you notice a problem with your gate, call your specialist to have it serviced. Regular maintenance and repair will keep your estate gates functioning properly and reduce the risk of a safety issue on your property. Call the professionals before you try repairing your great gates on your own.

If you want to make sure you understand how to operate your great gates serving Chandler, AZ and the entire Metro-Phoenix area safely, contact Whiting Iron the Great Gate Company or check out our website. We handle RV gates, landscape design, grand entry doors, and automated estate gates. Visit our website or call us at (602) 466-7318 and learn more about our services today.

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