Updating Your Front Door

There are many reasons to update your entry door, whether you dislike the look or you want a more efficient installation. With newer technology and better materials available, you have many choices for your new entry door.

Watch the short video for some helpful information and style ideas. Many regular and grand entry doors can showcase your home’s character, while still offering greater insulation for your home. Entry doors can be made from aluminum, fiberglass, and other materials, such as iron. If you prefer a stylized entry door, then you may desire a door with an iron decoration or decorated fiberglass on it.

Whatever you wish in your iron design, Whiting Iron can deliver. We offer a variety of decorative iron products, including pool gates, security screen doors, and entry doors in Chandler, AZ and the Metro-Phoenix area. Call us at (602) 466-7318 to get started on your iron project.

Why Your Home Needs Security Screen Doors

Every home needs a security screen door in front of their entry door. These iron doors offer greater protection for the home and the family inside, among many other benefits. If you have been on the fence about installing a security screen entry door, then it is time to call your gate company.

Make Your Home Better Protected

When you purchase a home, you should do whatever you can to keep it protected against potential intruders. By installing a security screen door, you deter potential burglars. These intruders will see an added layer of protection keeping them from entering your home. They will be more likely to move on to another, easily-entered, house before trying to invade your home.

Keep Your Home Well Ventilated

Though the summers can be unbearable at times, the Phoenix area experiences wonderful weather throughout the year. You may be tempted to open your windows to let in a cool breeze or enjoy the smell of rain-soaked creosote bushes. With a security screen door, you can easily open your front door and fill your home with wonderful, natural air. You will not have to worry about bugs or intruders. You simply get to sit back and enjoy the calming sounds and smells of the Arizona air.

Give Your Home Unique Curb Appeal

Most likely, you have pictures and paintings around your home; these objects personalize your space and give the interior some extra character. You can bring some of that character to the outside of your home with a custom-designed security screen door. You may want to incorporate your family’s initials into the design. Or, maybe you prefer a specific animal or cactus on your entry door. Whatever design you prefer, it will look great on your new security door.

Whiting Iron is the company to help you design the perfect security screen door near Chandler, AZ and the Metro-Phoenix area. We specialize in all types of ironwork, from pool gates to spiral staircases. Whatever you want built, we can do it for you at (602) 466-7318.

The Benefits of Having an RV Gate

There are many benefits to installing a great gate on your property. Namely, a great gate can easily help protect and store your recreational vehicle, or RV. Here are some of the reasons you need to install an RV gate:

Prote ct Your RV

You have made the investment in an RV, so you should probably keep it well-protected. No matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, you still keep your everyday vehicles in a garage. Why not keep your RV behind an established RV gate? These great gates can be custom-made to accommodate your RV and property size. This will also help when backing your RV into its established area in your yard.

Maintain Curb Appeal

Often, homeowners associations, also known as HOAs, have strict rules on storing RVs. With an established RV gate in place, you can follow those rules and keep your front yard looking well-maintained. Many neighbors, and even your own family, may not like looking at a huge RV sitting in the front yard. By parking it behind an RV gate, and in its proper storage location, you can keep everybody happy.

Increase Property Value

By building beautiful great gates to enclose your property, you are establishing better security and beautiful additions to your home. Both of these factors can significantly increase the property value of your home and surrounding area. Prospective homebuyers want a secure location to call home. If they can fit a large RV, and keep it protected, then it is safe to say homebuyers will want to buy your property, when the time comes to sell.

If you have been searching for a beautiful RV gate in Chandler, AZ or the greater Metro-Phoenix area, then you need to call Whiting Iron at (602) 466-7318. We custom design your RV gate with a composite wood that will keep your gate from rotting or discoloring. Whether this project is part of an after-construction remodel or you want a gate for your brand-new home, we can design the exact gate you need to complete your property.

The Importance of Powder Coated Finishes

Are you thinking about updating the look of your home with custom ironwork? Whether you’re interested in installing estate gates, gate railing, or security screen doors, be sure you choose ironwork that is created with a durable powder coating to protect it from the elements and extend its lifetime.

Powder coated finishes are baked on to your gate or railing to give your ironwork extra thickness and durability. This type of coating keeps the elements from negatively influencing the look of your ironwork, meaning you won’t have to worry about your gate becoming rusty or discolored.

Powder coated finishes can also give your gate a unique look to complement your home’s exterior or your landscape design. Powder coated finishes come in numerous color options and can lend an artistic look to your ironwork through a customized faux finish.

Are you looking for estate gates or security screen doors with a durable powder coating in Chandler, AZ? Contact Whiting Iron today at (602) 466-7318 for more information about our durable ironwork creations.

High Quality Fencing in Phoenix

Additions to the exterior of your home, such as estate gates or grand entry doors, can improve the curb appeal of your property and provide you with convenient access to your house. Whether you’re interested in a new fence, pool gate, or entry doors, it’s important to choose a reputable company to design and install your new addition.

Watch this video to learn more about the high quality fencing and gate options available at Whiting Iron, the great gate company. With plenty of designs and styles available, as well as professional installation and repair, there are numerous reasons to choose products created and installed by Whiting Iron.

If you’re in search of high quality fencing or gate railing near Chandler, AZ, contact Whiting Iron today. Whiting Iron creates numerous ironwork and composite wood products, including great gates, grand entry doors, and gate railing. Call (602) 466-7318 for more information.

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