Space-Saving Design Tips for Your Small Home

A small home can be a cozy and inviting, but it may make finding space for all your things an issue. You can create extra space by installing an outdoor spiral staircase, decluttering, and purchasing the right furniture. Here are a few tips to help you save space in your small home:

Tip #1: Schedule Routine Decluttering

Decluttering your home on a routine basis is very important to saving space. You can significantly open more space throughout your home by decluttering old clothing, unused appliances, and broken knickknacks. Instead of decluttering once a year—typically during “spring cleaning”—consider a thorough cleaning a few times a year in key areas of your home. Main areas that you can declutter include your tool shed, closets, and pantry.

Tip #2: Consider Outdoor Solutions

If you love sitting outside on a patio, but you have a small property, then consider installing a spiral staircase. An outdoor, iron staircase can open the top of your patio or roof to your family. If the area is properly modified, then you can set up patio furniture or potted plants that you can easily reach via your new spiral staircase. This will greatly increase the amount of space you can use to entertain.

Tip #3: Purchase Space-Saving Furniture

There are many types of furniture that can increase space in a small home. For example, using a coffee table that doubles as a chest can provide space for books, remote controls, and extra cords. You may also install several shelves or hooks throughout your home to avoid clutter on surfaces. Consider adding extra compartments to your cabinets or drawers to take advantage of extra space. You may also purchase a bedroom set with extra drawers installed under your bedframe.

Take advantage of Whiting Iron The Great Gate Company’s expertise when it comes to spiral staircases near Chandler, AZ and the Metro-Phoenix area. We can also help with landscape design and security screen doors to help save space in your home and property. We are available for appointments by calling (602) 466-7318.


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