Benefit from Beauty and Function with a Nautilus Spiral Stairway

The Nautilus spiral staircase is a beautiful example of function and exquisite design. It can be added to almost any home, building, or property for beauty and access to roofs, upstairs patios, and family treehouses. Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits that can come from a spiral staircase installation.

  • Nautilus staircases are designed using computer technology to ensure they are created with precision and the homeowners’ interests in mind.
  • These staircases are also made from iron, which gives them incredible strength and resistance to damage and decay.
  • Nautilus staircases are completed with a durable powder coating to prevent damage from outside elements.
  • Spiral staircases are considered pieces of art, especially when handcrafted by expert ironworkers. They will beautify all types of architecture and landscape designs.

Call Whiting Iron The Great Gate Company at (602) 466-7318 to learn about our spiral staircases near Chandler, AZ and the Phoenix area. We have been in business for 15 years, and our employees have a combined experience of more than 60 years in ironwork. Trust us with all your iron needs.

Take a Look at These Stunning Iron Gate Designs

Great gates add security and beauty to property and landscape designs. Iron gates are strong enough to resist intruders and damage, but they can also be designed in a variety of ways to match a homeowner’s vision. Read on for a look at stunning great gate designs.

Gates—whether they are meant as pool gates or a property entrance—are a great way to show individualism. As seen in the video, gates can be made using simplistic iron bars with minor embellishments. They can also feature unique geometric designs made of large, iron panels. It is up to the owner’s imagination and the artistic ability of accomplished ironworkers to design a beautiful gate.

Trust Whiting Iron The Great Gate Company to deliver a beautiful great gate in Chandler, AZ and the Metro-Phoenix area. We also fabricate grand entry doors and staircases. Please call us at (602) 466-7318 for more information.

Space-Saving Design Tips for Your Small Home

A small home can be a cozy and inviting, but it may make finding space for all your things an issue. You can create extra space by installing an outdoor spiral staircase, decluttering, and purchasing the right furniture. Here are a few tips to help you save space in your small home:

Tip #1: Schedule Routine Decluttering

Decluttering your home on a routine basis is very important to saving space. You can significantly open more space throughout your home by decluttering old clothing, unused appliances, and broken knickknacks. Instead of decluttering once a year—typically during “spring cleaning”—consider a thorough cleaning a few times a year in key areas of your home. Main areas that you can declutter include your tool shed, closets, and pantry.

Tip #2: Consider Outdoor Solutions

If you love sitting outside on a patio, but you have a small property, then consider installing a spiral staircase. An outdoor, iron staircase can open the top of your patio or roof to your family. If the area is properly modified, then you can set up patio furniture or potted plants that you can easily reach via your new spiral staircase. This will greatly increase the amount of space you can use to entertain.

Tip #3: Purchase Space-Saving Furniture

There are many types of furniture that can increase space in a small home. For example, using a coffee table that doubles as a chest can provide space for books, remote controls, and extra cords. You may also install several shelves or hooks throughout your home to avoid clutter on surfaces. Consider adding extra compartments to your cabinets or drawers to take advantage of extra space. You may also purchase a bedroom set with extra drawers installed under your bedframe.

Take advantage of Whiting Iron The Great Gate Company’s expertise when it comes to spiral staircases near Chandler, AZ and the Metro-Phoenix area. We can also help with landscape design and security screen doors to help save space in your home and property. We are available for appointments by calling (602) 466-7318.

Avoid These Common Curb Appeal Mistakes

Whether you are planning on selling your home or simply wish to update its appearance, you must be concerned with curb appeal. It is easy to make mistakes that will detract your home’s curb appeal, such as ugly entry doors. However, you can prevent common mistakes by reading below.

A Poor Entry Door

The front door is one of the first items people see when they visit your home. Once they pass through your gates and front yard, they will have an extended look at your entry door. If it is peeling, dirty, or dinged, then your visitors will notice. You can prevent common damages to your front door by commissioning a beautiful grand entry door made of iron. This strong door will resist day-to-day wear that can damage typical doors.

Peeling House Paint

Peeling house paint can be a significant damper to your home’s curb appeal. It leads to dingy-looking patches all over your home and can encourage mold growth that will further damage your paint. It is important to schedule regular pressure-washing sessions, paint inspections, and repainting, when necessary.

Poor Landscaping

An overgrown, unkempt, or sparse front yard can significantly detract from your home’s curb appeal. If your front yard landscaping is dirty with trash, weeds, dead plants, or forgotten yard additions, then visitors will assume the rest of your house and property are dirty as well. If the landscaping is overgrown, it may look like you do not care about the condition of your property. If your front yard has only dirt, with no plants, then it may give the impression that your property is unused. Make landscaping and lawn care an important task among your family.

Work with the experts of Whiting Iron The Great Gate Company to beautify your home and property. We can help with landscape design, great gates, and beautiful grand entry doors in Chandler, AZ and the entire Phoenix area. Please visit us online or call us at (602) 466-7318 for more information.

No Room for a Traditional Staircase? Then Consider a Spiral Design

Spiral staircases are beautiful and eye-catching structures that can add elegance and interest to both indoor areas and backyard designs. However, in addition to having an appealing look and attractive aesthetics, spiral staircases are also an ideal choice for anyone who needs to add a staircase to a small space. Because they wind upward, spiral stairs take up less horizontal space than traditional ones. For this reason, if you are working on a project and want to install stairs to allow for access between levels, but you don’t have much space to work with, a spiral staircase may offer you a good solution.

Whiting Iron the Great Gate Company’s selection of spiral staircases in Chandler, AZ are beautiful, powder-coated, and boast hand-built craftsmanship. To learn if a spiral staircase may be a good solution to your small space problem, please call (602) 466-7318 to speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff.

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